Friday, August 28, 2009

PTC is my business

What is PTC?

PTC is short for paid-to-click. It is usually associated with sites that offer payment (a rate per ad) for viewing advertisements or other sites. Viewing the ads takes about a minute or a number of seconds to be able to get credited for clicking it.

There are hundreds of thousands of ptc sites in the internet. Some are paying and some are not. But not all sites that paid can be trusted. Most of the time, paying sites eventually turns into a scam because it runs out of funds. That would be frustrating to its members especially those that have upgraded their account or in simple terms, paid additional amount to get more benefits from the site. Upgrading memberships are being offered because ptc sites are often free to sign up with.

Minimum payout or the minimum amount before you can withdraw your earnings, varies in different sites. There are those that offer as little as $0.01 and as high as $20. It would be better to read the terms of the site, particularly their earning rates and average number of ads daily, to calculate the number of days before reaching the minimum payout.

One also needs a payment processor, where withdrawn funds will be deposited. It is also free to sign up with the different payment processors. Having your account verified would help to better facilitate transactions. Popular examples of these payment processors are paypal, alertpay and liberty reserve.

Getting into the ptc activity is a risk. It is hard to be assured that the ptc site you joined will stay in the business for long. Getting paid by a ptc site is really not an assurance.

For me, good ptc sites include Neobux, Clixsense and Orangebizs. They have been paying their members for a long time now.

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