Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Newport City experience

Last Friday, my Father had a dinner treat for all of us, siblings, and our spouses. It was his birthday and the day after is my birthday. Well, when we arrived to the "resort hotel", I was amazed because of the unique atmosphere and set-up. I was like in Vegas - the casino is so huge and the staff were all over the place and they were very accommodating. The restaurant was located at the farthest side of the casino. The food menu was not that good for a buffet-style serving because the main dishes were only 3. I just enjoyed the appetizer particularly the potato salad, and the desserts.

After we had dinner, we watched the show. All the performers are foreigners. The acrobats were great. My husband loves the all-girls group like pussy cat dolls.

We also played slot machine. I won 3 times and another one for my sister. I really had a great time because it was the first time I played in slot machine. I usually play table games. Well, it was really such a night. We will surely come back there some time.

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